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5 air-purifying plants

The project The Grand Benefits condo2. There are 5 types of air purifying plants that like less water and tips for planting and caring for air purifying plants. Suitable to be planted to decorate the condo. It also helps to absorb toxins and release oxygen. It’s also easy to grow and raise. You don’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of it for me.

1. Banyan tree
Tips: Can be planted both outdoors and indoors. Likes well drained loamy soil. likes moderate to dim sunlight grows well in low light Prefers low to moderate water. Watering just every other day is enough.

2. Emerald
Tips: Likes loamy soil and is quite sparse. do not need frequent watering because the stems can store water If watered too often, the soil will become soggy that the tubers can rot.

3. Monstera
Tips: Easy to care for, suitable for planting in the room. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight, but it should be placed in a place where the sun is dim. It likes humidity. The room should be well ventilated. Water once every other day or two. But don’t make it too moist until it’s waterlogged. It is recommended to plant in ceramic or terracotta pots that keep the temperature cool.

4. Mangosteen
Tips: Easy to grow, likes loamy soil or sandy soil, well drained, prefers shade but dim sunlight, watering a little, every other day or two is enough.

5. Philodendron
Tips: Suitable for planting in pots. It grows well in low to medium light. Spray water should be sprayed around the leaves to increase humidity. Water well, not too wet.

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