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Rain reduction promotion
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This hot!! Pay a hundred thousand, lose a million

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The new condo you are looking for It’s in your hands, easy. Book to own today, the price is worth it and more special than anyone else. Get the right before anyone else here!!

✅ Low Rise Condo with Privacy It is 8 floors high and has a small number of units, only 69 units, so people are not crowded, peaceful, and not chaotic.

✅ Located in the heart of the new business district and close to all amenities.

✅ Access It can be connected to many main roads. Department stores, Ruamchok, government centers and famous restaurants of Chiang Mai.

✅ Security With only 69 units and advanced security systems, security can be effectively maintained thoroughly.

✅ The number of residents is not too large. Therefore, the common area is sufficient for use.

✅ It is worth the investment as it is a condo with few units and is close to amenities. This makes it easy to rent. and free processing fee for depositing rental from the project.

 คลิ๊ก Add Line@ : @grandbf เพื่อสอบถามข้อมูล

สอบถามรายละเอียดโทร 081-2879911 

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